GOP Platform Committee to Dick: Go Cheney Yourself

From Holden:

Next week in New York the words “big tent” will only be used to describe the dresses of some of the larger female delegates:

A day after Vice President Dick Cheney made it clear that he does not favor the constitutional marriage ban supported by his boss, the platform committee for the Republican Party on Wednesday rejected a proposed plank put forth by the gay political group Log Cabin Republicans and two other groups that sought to add moderate language to the platform. “Today’s decision–refusing to unite our party and refusing to recognize that people of good faith can disagree over contentious social issues–sends the wrong message to fair-minded voters,” said Log Cabin executive director Patrick Guerriero.

“What is the message that today’s platform language sends to Republicans like Vice President Cheney, Governor Schwarzenegger, Mayor Giuliani, and Senator McCain? How can you have a platform that fails to recognize that people of good faith, like Vice President Cheney, can disagree over complex social issues. The far right’s agenda is dividing our families, our party, our nation, and even our president and vice president.”

Come on, Log Cabin folks, we have plenty of room in the Democratic Party for you.