“If Israel falls to the terrorists, the whole free world will tremble.”

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That’s one thing Tom Delay said Monday night at a rally at the Plaza for Jewish Republicans. He finished the thought this way:

“To forsake Israel now would be tantamount to forsaking Britain in 1940.”
Cute, isn’t it, how the Republicans have managed to bring up the Holocaust at least twice during their week-long hate-fest? First it was Mormon cutie Sharie Dew, who compared the effect of homosexuality on the American family to the Holocaust. Then Tom Delay comes up with the far more subtle reference to it by making comparisons to Britain in WWII facing the Nazis and Israel’s contemporary situation with the Palestinians.
According to the MSNBC article I’ve linked to, Delay received an “ecstatic reception” from the Jewish Republicans. But even MSNBC could not avoid saying that for now, as for the past 6 decades, most American Jews are Democrats. Still, the mind boggles to see such strange political bedfellows as fundamentalist christians make for Jews, whether American or not. I hate to be a spoiler, here, but someone needs to tell those Republican Jews that generally, fundamentalist christians think that Mel Gibson had it just right in the Cashing in of the Christ – the Jews are in league with Satan and conspired to kill Jeebus. And what’s more, Tom Delay expects a wrathful Jeebus to appear at any second, and those Jews, whether Republican or not, who fail to convert forthwith will be damned for eternity. So keeping Israel safe is hardly where Delay and the rest of the extreme Bush GOP are headed. Wake up, Republican Jews, all they want are your votes so that Jeebus can come and smite you all. The fundamentalist christian wing of the Republican Party have your next Holocaust all planned already. They are asking you to set the table for it.