As charming as a rattlesnake

Atrios has posted a statement from Lockhart about Bush and his acceptance speech:

“It’s almost like the president, with his boyish charm, is looking for a political do-over.”

Not only do I think that’s a perfect characterization of the speech, (and I blush to think that I went into last week worried that the Republicans would tie up the crazies and parade the moderates past the nation, and that the president might actually say something in his speech,) there’s something even better in Lockhart’s statement. It’s that phrase: “Boyish charm.” It’s about time that someone started saying with some frequency just how charming it really is when some boy is drunk all the time, challenges his father to a fist fight, trashes a rent house, and causes his parents so much potential embarrassment that they arrange a job for him that will mean he will be absent from his last year of National Guard duty. That’s the kind of “charm” George W. Bush had when he was a boy. What he has now is a persona riding loosely over the real person, who is still irresponsible, mean spirited and overly-convinced of his own entitlement.