What’s Next?

Ugh. Okay, whatever. Work’s not done. Candidates of your choosing need turkee. Your window needs a flyer, your lawn needs a sign. Debates start at the end of the month.

We need to remember how far we’ve come. Two years ago George Bush was a popular wartime president who couldn’t be defeated. And though some of the more credulous among us actually believe he might do some of the shit he talked about in his speech, I really do believe the average American is smarter and less gullible than our Mr. Brooks. After all, where’s my moon base? I’m pretty sure I was promised a moon base not too long ago. Not to mention a new economy.

Before the hatefest last week, Bush was tied with Kerry in most polls. This bounce will disappear, and unfortunately, here’s why.

This war isn’t going away, and for everybody who watches cable and listens to the talking heads go on and on about our popular preznit, there’s a family sitting at home wondering when their son or daughter is coming back. There’s a family for whom that day will never come. They might not show up in the polls or on the talking heads shows, but they’re there, and their lives are affected in very real and terrible ways because of this president. And they have neighbors and relatives and friends who see what is happening to them. And Bush can’t escape that, because Kerry won’t let him run from it.

Remember: Before anyone has seen these two men on stage together, they were neck and neck. Two years ago, who would have imagined such a thing was even possible? If we got this far, how much farther can we go? What might we see in the next two months? What extraordinary things can we do?