Julia has the definitive compilation of Ralph and his friends the Republicans.

I understand the desire for a third party, I do. And for a fourth and fifth and sixth party. After all, I was hoping like hell that this guy would run, and not just because it would screw with Miserable Failure.

After all, there are people for whom neither of the two parties satisfy their personal convictions. My mom, for example, a devout Christian. Can’t vote for Bush, death penalty supporter and signer of death warrants. Can’t vote for Kerry, who refuses to block abortion rights. A candidate like Roy Moore might satisfy the need. Now, not everybody looks at candidates and ticks them off based on opposition to particular issues. Some people look at the aggregate, weigh and measure who fits them best, others make their decisions based on nebulous “character” issues or whether they want to have a beer with the guy. (I personally would rather you didn’t flip a coin or vote based on whose name is shorter, but either way I’m glad you’re voting.)

So I get why people want to look beyond the two parties we have now. What I don’t get is why Ralph and only Ralph seems to be the hope of all mankind. Especially after reading Julia’s post.