Bounce, bounce, bounce, SPLAT

Matt Y gives a big WTF to the polling numbers over the weekend.

Is this “faster public opinion” where people love Bush after seeing his speak and then forget all about it after 36 hours of hurricane coverage? As I recall something similarly screwy happened with Kerry — he got a big bounce on Friday and then by the following Monday it was gone.

The true danger was not that Bush would actually be ahead, but that the slight bounce he did get would give the SCLM a chance to talk about Bush “momentum” and Bush “widening his lead” and all the uninformed gits out there who seem to jump on the winning bandwagon would make the decision that that bandwagon was sporting a Bush sticker and the bounce would become a self-fulfilling prophecy proclaimed by CNN and Fux. The leader, especially if he is a Republican, gets the lovey soft-focus coverage and the challenger the nastiness.

But the Noise Machine had something else to focus on this weekend, it was a holiday on which I hope most people spent at least some time relaxing, and current events are not likely to make Bush look any better than he looks right now.

And the Kerry campaign, especially Joe Lockhart, is hitting everybody, HARD.

“It’s pretty sad that the Bush campaign has stooped to belittling Bob Graham, a respected U.S. Senator who has devoted most of his life to public service. Last week at their convention they told 143 lies and distortions in four days. Now they’re at it again because they don’t want to answer about whether the White House and FBI blocked an investigation between the Saudi government and the 9-11 hijackers. It’s time for the Bush administration to come clean and tell the American people what they knew and when they knew it.”