I’m BA-ack

From Holden:

I’ve been on vacation for the past ten days or so, spending a week here with side trips to this place, a hike here, a swim here, and day trips here and here.

I had no exposure to the national media other than an occasional glimpse of CNN in bars and such. No internet connectivity, either. Read only the local papers, The Big Bend Sentinel and the Alpine Avalanche. Both papers were pro-Kerry, which was not surprising to me as I have found small-town newspaper publishers in Texas to be rather liberal or at least independent.

Judging by lawn signs and bumper stickers, the vote in the Big Bend region is pretty well split down the middle between Bush and Kerry, sort of like the rest of the country.

It does not appear that I missed anything by not sitting at home glued to the glass teat during the Thug convention. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to catch up on a few gaggles.