Department of the Irony Impaired Part 3

If loving Steve is wrong then I don’t want to be right:

Gillespie sez: It’s not like Bob Shrum needed encouragement to engage in personal attacks. At a Kerry rally Friday morning in Ohio, campaign surrogate John Glenn compared the Republican Convention to a Nazi rally, and Kerry called the President unfit to lead our nation and once again sought to divide the country by who served and how 35 years ago.

Steve sez: Did he earn HIS medals? It’s not like he was Ted Williams’ wingman or anything in Korea, Did he really go in space, or was that Alan Sheppard and he just stole the credit. Astronauts for Truth say John Glenn is a fraud. Somehow I think the WWII and Korean War vet might just know what a Nazi rally looks like. But hey, no one told Zell Miller to goosestep out in his brown shirt and luger talking about the final solution to the muslim problem. What does John Glenn know about personal courage? He just played baseball with Ted Williams in their cushy front line job as Marine aviators in warm, sunny Korea. How dare he attack heroes like George Bush.

Steve’s right: this letter displays a level of worry that’s unseemly at this point in an incumbent’s campaign. We’re back to this now? Back to the “people are being so mean to that nice preznit we have” defense? After dispatching their subordinates to insinuate that Kerry was not only a liar but (let’s not forget my favorite lying pile of elephant shit, Lucianne) that he was actually seriously ill?

Just when I think we’ve finally killed and buried irony for good, these people exhume it just so they can shoot it again.