Department of the Irony Impaired

Since they are unable to marry, keep jobs, rent apartments, walk down the street holding hands, Christian evangelicals are a persecuted minority in America.

Just like TEH GHEYS.

But if evangelicals expect to be depicted fairly and fully by the elite media, Case says, they need to get their hands dirty and play a role in the institutions that define the larger culture. This doesn’t mean he wants journalism to be done differently. He just wants enough evangelicals to be at places like The New York Times and The Washington Post so that reporters begin to see them as living, breathing people and not backward bible-thumpers. “The homosexuals are our role model in this,” Case says. “They had the same problems we do twenty, twenty-five years ago — a despised minority hiding in the closet, and all the stories in the media looked to point out their weaknesses. They overcame this by integrating into the mainstream.”

Lord knows Christian evangelicals have been forced to hide out lately. Of course, the size of the closets in their houses must be some consolation: