Bush Coerces Schoolchildren

Via corrente, we learn that students have to ask their parents for permission not to be exposed to the preznit:

President Bush and several other Republican politicians spoke at Lee’s Summit High School on Tuesday morning. The by-ticket-only event was attended by 15,000 people; 2,000 were students and school staff. Only students with parental permission could opt out of attending. Nine chose not to go.

This is part and parcel of Bush’s people’s way of dealing with schoolkids. You’re required by law to be in school, so while you’re there we want you stuffed full of Jesus, goes the argument for school prayer. Sure, you can opt out of the “voluntary” prayer and make yourself a target for the bullying your fellow students are already eager to hand out, knowing as you do how eager young kids are not to conform with their peers, or you can shut up and be a good little Christian-American.

This is the same MO. Make the kids who are, or whose parents are, anti-Bush identify themselves publicly. All the better to line them up for when the stoning starts.