You Ruined My Country And It Bothers You That I’m PISSED About It?

Backslider gives us a shove toward one of the best summations I’ve ever read of exactly how screwed we are, and why:

Anyone who cares to look can find at least a hundred reasons not to return the Republican Party to power in November. In the interest of brevity, and just as a start, I’m going to list eight. Bear in mind, when reading, all that I’m leaving out: the war in Iraq; the abandonment of Afghanistan; the support of Ahmad Chalabi, who was an Iranian spy; the destruction of Valerie Plame, who was an American one; “Curveball”; the storming of the Dade County courthouse; the chicanery surrounding the costs of the Medicare bill; the attempt to further consolidate media ownership; the comprehensive rollback of environmental regulations; the unjust imprisonment of immigrants and American citizens; the legal limbo of Guantanamo Bay; the farming out of torture to Syrian surrogates; the casual lies about previous statements (Donald Rumsfeld insisting he never said Saddam was an imminent threat, the Administration saying the “Mission Accomplished” banner wasn’t its idea). I am anything but an idealist, but even I expect something better from my government than the disdain these people have heaped on us. It’s time for them to go.

It is magnificent in its rage. Go and read.

Backslider doesn’t think it’ll convert anybody who isn’t already converted. It might not, but it deserves to get e-mailed all over God and creation like the screeds about Kerry do, with the added bonus that this stuff’s true, and the stuff about Kerry voting to sodomize koala bears on national TV has been pretty well debunked by now.