I Heart Molly Ivins.

• When the people in charge make a decision to start an unprovoked war because of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and nonexistent ties to the terrorists who have attacked us, you may conclude that these people are lying, or dumb, or just not helpful.

• When a new administration comes into office with a huge budget surplus and then blows it all on tax cuts that benefit the very rich, should it be retained? If an economic team leads the country to a record $422 billion deficit this year and $2.3 trillion in the next decade, do you really want a team in charge that announces it wants more tax cuts that will double the total deficit to $4.6 trillion by the end of the decade? Do these people have a sense of responsibility? If the economic team produces a net loss of 1.1 million jobs after four years, should its contract be renewed?

Forget Bush — the people around him are a complete disaster.

John Kerry will basically re-hire the Clinton team and presumably remain faithful to his wife.

Of course, Clinton didn’t get Osama bin Laden, either. But his people worked harder at it.

Molly’s so right. When we’re talking to people, we should remind them that it’s not just a vote against Bush. It’s a vote against Douglas “I can make peace in the Middle East! Watch Me!” Feith and Crisco Johnny Ashcroft, the robot version of Donald Rumsfeld, and Condoleezza “Osama Who?” Rice.

It’s an administration that’s messed up, repeatedly, and a CEO preznit who refuses to do the right thing and fire the whole lot of them.