Iran War Incitement Watch

Anybody who uses the term “freedom fighters” without a trace of irony deserves whatever smackdown he has coming to him. The patently dishonest asshattery of the LA Times’ Max Boot.

The State Department calls Iran the “most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world.” Much of its support goes to groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, but the 9/11 commission also reported that Al Qaeda members — including eight to 10 of those involved in the airplane attacks on the United States — were allowed to use Iran as a transit route to and from training camps in Afghanistan. A number of Al Qaeda operatives remain in Iran, ostensibly under house arrest but in all likelihood allowed to carry on their deadly work.

Iran has trained and armed Muqtada Sadr’s militia, which has been attacking U.S. forces in Iraq. Former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani, the cleric who now heads an influential government council, makes no bones about what his country is up to. In an April sermon, he declared that the situation in Iraq posed “a threat because the wounded American beast can take enraged actions, but it is also an opportunity to teach this beast a lesson so it won’t attack another country.”

Why would Iran be worried about being attacked by the United States? Because it is close to producing a nuclear bomb. It is also working on missiles with the range to strike targets in Europe and North America, though the likeliest vehicles for delivering an Iranian nuke would be its terrorist networks. Hassan Abasi, a senior member of the Revolutionary Guards, recently boasted that Iran had “a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization.”

Max shows he’s not completely deaf to reality by adding a caveat:

If we can’t trust Tehran to make a deal, then we need a more confrontational approach. A military strike can’t be ruled out, but it would be hard to pull off, especially without better intelligence than we had on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

No shit. What this crowd has to realize is that the “credible, gathering, growing, grave, imminent threat” storyline is done. They shot their wad with Iraq, and look where that got us. I wouldn’t trust these people if they told me my grandmother was capable of producing chocolate chip cookies and had Tollhouse morsels in her cupboards. I wouldn’t trust them if they hauled out grandma holding a tray of warm cookies and then they ate them in front of me.

Couple this kind of column with Doug Feith’s comments about Iran on NPR the other day, and it starts to look like they’re trying to convince me anyway.