Opportunity Knocks

From Holden:

Confirmation hearings for Porter Goss, Bush’s choices for Director of Central Intelligence begin this week. This is a golden opportunity for Democrats. There’s an entire series of questions that should be asked of this nominee that will show that he is unfit for the position, just like the man who chose him.

The Christian Science Monitor cites a few of those questions:

Democrats didn’t appreciate the poster Goss brought onto the floor of the House last June that cited Sen. John Kerry’s 1997 call for reductions in the US intelligence apparatus after the end of the cold war. “He’s far too political” for the job, says Sen. Richard Durbin (D) of Illinois, a member of the panel that will grill Goss.

Other issues Democrats plan to raise: Why did Goss, as chairman of the House oversight panel, fail to investigate the leak of the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame? Did he selectively declassify material to discredit former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke and help the Bush administration? And, most important, as a key player overseeing an agency now deemed dysfunctional, isn’t he part of the problem?