Reading Around

From Holden:

Has anyone else noticed that the national media is flogging polls that show Bush ahead while ignoring those that portray the national race as a dead heat?

skippy noticed, citing this Investors Business Daily poll showing a dead heat in the national poll numbers, a kerry lead in swing states, and a ten-point Kerry lead among independents.

Meanwhile, Krugman offers more good advice to the Kerry campaign: hit Bush hard on Iraq, the War on Terra, and national security.

The truth is that Mr. Bush, by politicizing the “war on terror,” is putting America at risk. And Mr. Kerry has to say that.

Damn straight. Iraq is FUBAR, everyone knows it. Kerry should talk about it, demand a plan from Bush, and ask voters why they would trust Bush when he’s the one who leaped into this briar patch in the first place.