The Imaginary Ambulance

From Holden:

Here’s a photo of the ambulance that the US military denies hitting in an airstrike on Fallujah yesterday.

The airstrike also destroyed an imaginary marketplace, killing 20 imaginary people.

More Iraq news – Turkey is unhappy with the US assault on Tall Afar that is endangering the ethnic Turks who live there:

Four days after US-led Iraqi forces pressed an assault on the northern town of Tall Afar, an alleged staging point for militants infiltrating from Syria, neighbouring Turkey delivered a stark warning to traditional ally Washington.

“I myself spoke to the American Secretary of State (Colin Powell),” Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul was quoted as saying by Turkey’s Anatolia news agency.

“We stated very clearly that if (the assault) continues, Turkey will end its partnership on all areas touching Iraq.”

And, following hiw keepers’ example, Iraqi PM Iyad Allawi has no problem with disenfranchising 300,000 Iraqis:

In an interview published in European and US newspapers, Prime Minister Iyad Allawi admitted that some Iraqis might be unable to vote in nationwide elections planned for January, despite insisting the polls would go ahead.

“If for any reason 300,000 people cannot have an election, cannot vote because terrorists decide so, then frankly 300,000 people… is not going to alter 25 million people voting,” Allawi said.