Wisconsin Senate Primary Day

The Wisconsin State Journal, a Madison-based paper that’s really run for comfortably off businessmen in the ‘burbs who get riled up about blue-haired kids on campus and that loud rap music, endorses a challenger for Feingold in the Republican senate primary.

Welch’s plan to balance the federal budget by freezing spending is a bit simplistic, but his overarching goals to cut taxes and create jobs are right on. He would simplify the tax code, make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent, end the death tax, fix the alternative minimum tax poised to soak the middle class, eliminate the capital gains tax and reduce corporate taxes to make American exports more competitive.

On health care, Welch favors free market reforms that put consumers in charge, evidence- based medicine that can improve care quality, and limits on medical malpractice abuses. And Welch believes troops must remain in Iraq until our job is done.

Welch’s social conservatism — he opposes abortion and gay marriage — may be a political asset, but he’d serve Wisconsin best if he keeps out of our private lives and focuses on important issues in the economy, health care and government budgeting.

Nevertheless, Welch clearly is more in tune with voters than Feingold, whose liberal voting record and foreign policy dalliances distance him from home-state concerns. A Feingold-Welch matchup this fall would present Wisconsin voters with a real choice, for a change, in a statewide election with national policy implications.

If you want government to get out of the way and out of your pocket, you want Bob Welch in the U.S. Senate. Welch deserves your vote, now and in November.

I agree. I mean, how can you not love a guy the National Review calls Saxby Chambliss of 2004?

Give Russ turkee.