Bush Girls Hit the Trail

From Holden:

The Bush Twins proved that they are just as brave as their dad on college campuses in Wisconsin today:

Jenna Bush told those gathered, members of the Campus Republicans volunteering to call area residents seeking votes for Bush, that her father is open-minded and extremely disciplined — two traits important in a father and a president.

Of course those in this select audience weren’t quite Wisconsin’s Best and Brightest:

“A lot of people think you have to be rich to be Republican, and when you’re at this age, you really haven’t peaked in your wealth,” Michelle Nault, a college junior, told Action Two News.

Don’t be so sure, Michelle. If you didn’t inherit your wealth like the girls, their father and his father, then you may have peaked.

Of course the girls demonstrated their astute understanding of our secular form of government:

[Not-Jenna] encouraged young people to vote and said, “Our God and the Republican Party are reaching out to young people.”

Gee, Not-Jenna, last time I checked you placed more faith in chopsticks and tequilla than you did god.

Of course, not all of the students in Wisconsin were pleased to see the twins:

A block away from the campus, student supporters of John Kerry waved signs bearing slogans such as “Draft Jenna” and “W Stands for Wrong.”

Jason Brinker, 21, another St. Norbert senior, said he thought it was sad that the twins’ speeches weren’t open to everybody.

“Yesterday Wesley Clark came to campus, and he had an open forum where Republicans and Democrats talk about the issues rather than just a bunch of Republican cronies.”