Senate Defets Bush in Overtime

From Holden:

Following the House’s example, the Senate today blocked Bush’s overtime rule changes:

A Senate committee voted yesterday to scuttle new rules that critics say would deny overtime pay to millions of workers, as Democrats won the latest round in their election-year bout with President Bush over the issue.

The 16-13 vote by the Republican-run Senate Appropriations Committee came less than a week after the GOP-led House embarrassed Bush by approving a similar measure.

Bush has threatend to use his first veto against the appropriations bill, which also includes funding for job training and education. He needn’t worry, though, the House GOP leadership will take care of it for him:

Despite the twin rebukes by Congress, the amendment could well disappear when House-Senate bargainers write a final version of the spending bill to which it was attached. GOP leaders and the White House will dominate that part of the legislative process.