Good Reporter. Have A Cookie.

We rag on reporters for the big papers who do a shitty job. We should also take notice of, and encourage, reporters for the local press who cover the Kerry/Edwards events and do a good job:

Kerry called Bush’s decision to attack Iraq “disastrous,” and sought to lay out his own position on the war.

Kerry voted in favor of the resolution last year that gave Bush the authority to attack Iraq if Saddam Hussein did not allow United Nations weapons inspectors into the country.

In a move that Bush has used in his campaign TV ads, Kerry then voted against the $87 billion required to fund the war and equip American troops.

While directly addressing those votes, Kerry sought to address the issues that Bush has used to paint him as a “flip-flopper.”

“Let me be crystal clear,” he said. “This is not Monday morning quarterbacking. We told the president this. We said, ‘Mr. President, don’t rush to war, because even though you have the authority, we want all our allies to be with us.'”

But Kerry said Bush ignored the concerns of U.S. allies and even overruled the advice of the Army’s chief of staff.

Bush’s mistake “was not one of right or wrong, but of not listening to the advice he was given. It was arrogant,” Kerry said, adding that the president turned his back on that advice.

It’s clear, and simple, and it makes sense. It’s a good story that way. E-mail the reporter, David Callender, at, and tell him you appreciate his explanation of the issues. Wisconsin’s a swing state. Journalism like this can really make a difference.

Plus, dude brings some quality snark:

At 1 p.m., just as Kerry was taking the stage before a crowd estimated at more than 10,000, there was a torrential downpour.

Inside the convention hall, Kerry was giving President George Bush a thorough soaking.