Hit ‘Em Again! Harder! Harder!

A story about Kerry’s sexy new ad:

The ad suggests a conflict of interest for Cheney because he collects deferred benefits from the time he was chief executive of Halliburton, a multinational company that provides reconstruction and other services in Iraq.

“As president, I will stop companies like Halliburton from profiting at the expense of our troops and taxpayers,” Kerry said in a statement released by his campaign. “I will stop companies from receiving no-bid contracts from the government when the president or vice president is still receiving compensation from that company.”

The new ad also contends the administration’s decision to award contracts to Halliburton without competitive bidding wasted taxpayer money that could have been used to create jobs and provide health care. Several investigations into Halliburton’s work in Iraq have shown evidence of overcharging or raised questions about the corporation’s performance.

And please, smarter reporters:

Cheney left the company before the Iraq war, and the Bush campaign said that Halliburton and its subsidiaries had been a government contractor before Cheney became vice president.

Sigh. Dipshits, he was secretary of defense before he was vice president. He’s been in government his whole life. It was a conflict then, and it’s a conflict now. It’s not like it only counts when you’ve reached a certain level.