Papa Don’t Preach

From Holden:

The Bushes’ Saudi pals do not take kindly to any US criticism of their religious repression:

Rejecting a State Department report which accused Saudi Arabia of severe violations of religious freedom, prominent Sunnis and Shi’ites also said the United States’ own record proved it was in no position to judge others.

“How do the Americans have the right to speak about violation of religious freedoms and human rights in this country or another?” said leading Shi’ite Sheikh Hassan al-Saffar.

He said U.S. support for Israel, the occupation of neighboring Iraq and the reported mistreatment of Arabs and Muslims in the United States since 2001 had robbed Washington of moral high ground.

“With all these American policies and practices does the State Department expect people to believe its report on religious freedoms?” Saffar said in a statement.


Saleh al-Fawzan, senior Sunni preacher and member of Saudi Arabia’s appointed top religious body — the Supreme Association of Ulema — condemned the United States as an “infidel” country.