How Stupid Is Karl Rove?

From Holden:

This is the week that the Bushites trot their latest handpicked Iraqi thug, Iyad Allawi, before the UN in a performance that would make Tommy Flanagan blush. Then the Chimp himself will, for the third time, beg member nations to bail him out of a war that the Secretary General has already declared to be illegal.

Meanwhile Iraqi insurgents have kidnapped two Americans and are setting off car bombs at a rate that makes you wonder if there are any cars left in the blood-spattered country.

It seems to me that the insurgency can counter anything that Allawi or Bush say in New York with a bombing in Baghdad or a beheadnig in Baquba. Unka Karl is putting Bush’s fate in the hands of the insurgency this week, which makes you wonder if Bush’s political brain is about as intelligent as Bush’s actual brain.