Kerry Brings The Heat

John Kerry shows up with his game face on.

All across this country people ask me what we should do now. Every step of the way, from the time I first spoke about this in the Senate, I have set out specific recommendations about how we should and should not proceed. But over and over, when this administration has been presented with a reasonable alternative, they have rejected it and gone their own way. This is stubborn incompetence.

Five months ago, in Fulton, Missouri, I said that the President was close to his last chance to get it right. Every day, this President makes it more difficult to deal with Iraq – harder than it was five months ago, harder than it was a year ago. It is time to recognize what is – and what is not – happening in Iraq today. And we must act with urgency.

Just this weekend, a leading Republican, Chuck Hagel, said we’re “in deep trouble in Iraq … it doesn’t add up … to a pretty picture [and] … we’re going to have to look at a recalibration of our policy.” Republican leaders like Dick Lugar and John McCain have offered similar assessments.

We need to turn the page and make a fresh start in Iraq.

First, the President has to get the promised international support so our men and women in uniform don’t have to go it alone. It is late; the President must respond by moving this week to gain and regain international support.


Second, the President must get serious about training Iraqi security forces.


Third, the President must carry out a reconstruction plan that finally brings tangible benefits to the Iraqi people.


Fourth, the President must take immediate, urgent, essential steps to guarantee the promised elections can be held next year.

The strategy’s clear, it’s specific, it’s just a great speech, and it NAILS the Bush administration. He actually said that Cheney thinks the earth is flat.

It starts today, people. It starts now. He’s gonna blow the doors off the place. It’s gonna be like nothing you’ve ever seen in all your livin’ life.