The Tottering Coalition

From Holden:

Major Biritsh Party says: Come January, We’re Out.

British troops should start leaving Iraq as soon as January’s elections take place, the Liberal Democrats demanded today.

Sir Menzies Campbell, the party’s foreign affairs spokesman, told the Bournemouth conference that Iraqis must then take responsibility for their country. “We cannot take it for them,” he warned.

Campbell, one of the LibDems’ elder statemen, blasted Blair as well:

Sir Menzies Campbell, Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman, has said that the Prime Minister should apologise to the British people over the war in Iraq.

“Before declaring a second war in Iraq, the Prime Minister should surely apologise for the first,” Mr Campbell said.


He also called for a re-evaluation of Britain’s relationship with the USA saying it would be a better ally if it exercised “critical judgment and independent thought”.