Young Voters Heart Kerry

Per a request from an anonymous First Drafter:

And Kerry gave David Letterman a HUGE ratings boost the other night. Remember: people are coming out for this man, by the tens of thousands. They are standing for hours to hear him speak about this country. They are standing in the rain and in the blazing hot sun without water and they are cheering in the dark.

And on Nov. 3 when everyone is asking how it happened, how the polls were so, so wrong, we’ll pull out the photographs of the rallies that stretch for blocks, the crowds that went on forever, and we’ll know.

Forty-one days, kids. Have faith that your beliefs are good and are shared by many people. Have faith that you are not alone in thinking we need leadership in this country, we need courage and gravitas and hope and grace. Have faith that the world you believe in, the world in which we take care of one another, is very, very real. Have faith. We’re so close. We’re almost there.