Is Ask the White House No Longer Filtered?

From Holden:

In the past the White House filtered out any tough questions submitted to their little “Ask the White House” chats. I know they never posted my questions. But something has changed.

On Tuesday I put up some rather tough questions from Dan Bartlett’s little stint on “Ask the White House”.

Today it was Deputy National Security Advisor for Communications Jim Wilkinson’s turn:

Glenn, from Holland, MI writes:

The war in Iraq is not going well. Why is violence neccesary to keep me and my fellow citizens safe?

Sarah, from Texas writes:

How long before the troops come home? The war is already over and Iraq obviously doesn’t want to be saved.

Kat, from St. Paul, MN writes:

With Great Britain announcing plans this week to pull out of Iraq, that essentially leaves the USA to go it alone. Can America realistically expect to bring order in Iraq when the whole world apparently believes the invasion was a mistake?

Melissa, from Atlanta, Georgia writes:

Are you aware of a mandatory draft being put into place for all women and men 18-26 years old, proposed to be starting June 15, 2005?

Rich, from NYC writes:

Does NSC have a secret handshake?

Mark, from Mesa, Arizona writes:

Mr. Wilkinson I am writing a paper for my english class concerning the military draft and I just have a couple questions, first of all is it going to happen, second of all if it was to happen who would get drafted and how does it work?

Ioannis, from Orlando, FL writes:

As a veteran and one who has patroled the NO-Fly-Zone I am saddend by what is being done to Americans in Iraq. My question is, why has President Bush not leveled Fallujah and Najaf? Are the people in that city really innocent?

P.S. I am a Republican for now.