McCain Says If Iraq is FUBAR Vote Kerry

From Holden:

On Hardbawl Tuesday:

MATTHEWS: Should a person who believes that the president was right to take our country into Iraq, overthrow the government there, begin to put up another government, a democratic government, should that person vote for President Bush?


MATTHEWS: Should a person who believes that was a bad idea, it wasn‘t smart, that they took us into the quicksand. We‘re going to be stuck there for years, and people are going to hate us around the world. Should that person vote for John Kerry?

MCCAIN: Again, as part…

MATTHEWS: I want symmetry here.

MCCAIN: I don‘t know…

MATTHEWS: If you disagree completely with the president‘s policy, you think he was wrong, he wasn‘t wise to take us in there. Should you vote for Kerry?

MCCAIN: I think in both cases, the overriding issue is the war on terror. But the war in Iraq is an important component of it, because those who oppose the war in Iraq say it diverted our attention from the war on terror, et cetera. I don‘t see how you exactly separate the two.

MATTHEWS: How do you register your disapproval as an American of American policy toward Iraq? How do you register it?

MCCAIN: I think you vote against the president.