It’s a Sad Day When the Saudis Can Lecture Us on Due Process

From Holden:

The Justice Department [sic] is trying to deport Yasser Hamdi, strip him of his citizenship, and confine him to the Arabian Penninsula.

But they neglected to consult the Saudis, who point out that Hamdi has not been charged, mush less convicted, with any crime:

Saudi officials, clearly irritated, said they found that provision of Hamdi’s release agreement unreasonable. They also noted that the supervision duties, which entail ensuring that Hamdi does not leave the country for five years, were imposed upon Saudi Arabia even though no Saudi officials were involved in the negotiations.

“I don’t know why we should have to baby-sit him,” said a senior Saudi official, who asked to remain unidentified because of the sensitivity of the issue.


Later, Richard Boucher, the State Department spokesman, said, “There was not a deal that has come undone.” But he noted that the release was negotiated between the U.S. government and Hamdi’s lawyers and “does not involve the Saudi authorities.”

A senior State Department official said the United States was not asking the Saudi government to enforce the agreement.


The Saudi government objects to having to enforce these and other provisions, even though no charges have been filed against Mr. Hamdi.

“Mr. Hamdi has been in U.S. custody for three years, and if they had charges against him, then they would have charged him in the U.S.,” said Nail al-Jubeir, spokesman for the Saudi embassy. “We have not seen any evidence that he violated the law.”

I can’t figure out what Hamdi’s lawyers are doing here. The government obviously has nothing on their client, so they should file a writ of habeas corpus and have him released.