The debates, the spin, and the blogosphere

Good job, everybody.

Good job to Democratic Underground for posting a list of online polls to vote in and exhorting members to do it immediately after the debate was over.

Good job to Atrios for posting the number and password of an RNC conference call so we could screw with their spin and set them back — every few minutes counts in the post-debate period.

Good job to everybody in the greater Chicago area who called into NPR during afternoon drivetime yesterday and talked about how badly Bush lost the debate. I heard you, flying down the freeway, and I turned you up as loud as I could and laughed and laughed.

I really think the reason people still think Kerry won the debate today is that we got the word out, over the wires, the phone, the instant polls and the donations (five per SECOND to the DNC) and we haven’t let up. The RNC boys are spinnin’. Of course, it helps that we have the truth on our side. But we had that with Al Gore, and they still got us in the end.

So pat yourselves on the back, bloggers, blogreaders, activists, Democrats. Kerry won the debate. And you won the spin for him.

Okay, now stop patting. Here’s the problem. The freepers are well aware of what we did and they’re gonna try and best us next time.

I say we hit ’em again, harder, harder. More polls. More phone calls. An overwhelming response Tuesday night that John Edwards cleaned Dick Cheney’s clock will help cement the momentum for us.

Check your favorite blogs for lists of polls. I’ll be posting some here on Tuesday morning. And give us your ideas for other things we can do to help with the spin.

We are many.