Let Tom Shales Cover Presidential Politics, Please

We’d get less dithering, and more digs like this, in his review of “Desperate Housewives”:

HBO basically set the trend in motion, and broadcast networks have had a hard time keeping in step because they aren’t allowed the wide latitudes of language and nudity that HBO explores; if one single episode of “Deadwood” aired on ABC uncut, the number of forbidden words used would earn ABC at least $3 million in fines, according to an idiotic and unconstitutional new system set up by Michael Powell, pea-brained chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Or this, which pretty much encapsulates why Laura’s always squicked me a bit:

All that bull about fancy gowns on red carpets hasn’t helped either; don’t these women realize how perfectly shamefully shallow and ridiculous they sound? It’s the damn ’50s, with blank-eyed Laura Bush making Mamie Eisenhower look like Eleanor Roosevelt, and always with that ghastly Welcome-to-my-Tupperware-party grin.

Yeah. Give this guy MoDo’s job for a week or so, see how it goes.