Shocking News: Bush Was The Only One With [the] Intelligence

From Holden:

The Chimpster scores another debate point:

BUSH: My opponent looked at the same intelligence I looked at and declared in 2002 that Saddam Hussein was a grave threat.

Yet once again he is slapped down by reality in the form of Joe Lockhart on Face the Nation:

Mr. LOCKHART: But let me make one correction on what the president said during the debate, and this is something that is widely known in Washington. United States senators don’t have access to the same intelligence that the president does. The United States Senate does oversight of intelligence. The president directs the intelligence community. So it’s not like it’s some other group of people reaching a conclusion. He’s the boss.

Hell, Kerry hasn’t been a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee since 2000. Why he did not point that out during the debate is a mystery.