Sign of the Times

From Holden:

On Friday I decided it was long past time for me to get a Kerry yard sign. So I called our local Kerry-Edwards campaign office here in beautiful Austin, Texas, and asked about yard signs. “We’ve got plenty,” I was told, “come on down and get one.”

Arriving there at 11 this morning, I waited in line for a few minutes before I could get to the harried receptionist.

“We’re out, demand has been incredible. In fact, there are no yard signs available in the entire county. Do you want to put your name and number on our waiting list? We hope to have more by the end of the week.”

I was happy to do just that, and squeezed my name onto a sheet of typing paper. I turned around and the lady behind me said, “I want to get on that list, too.”

Granted, Austin is easily the most liberal city in Texas. But there must be something to the fact that in the capital of the preznit’s adopted home state demand for Kerry yard signs outpaces supply. I’m ordering one online just in case.