Slimeball Apologizes; Hell Reports Lower Than Average Temperatures

Do not for a moment think that this guy’s craven mea culpa makes him any less of a dishonest shill:

While I still don’t buy the media portrayal of all of Iraq in chaos, the shifting situation in Samarra does not denote needed stability either, the kind that will bring our troops home sooner than later.

For this moment, however, I must apologize to readers for being wrong in Wednesday’s column and to the journalists I impugned with an unnecessary political message.

I still believe most media are tilted in favor of John Kerry, as Newsweek editor Evan Thomas confirmed earlier this year. But I can now see how many journalists would see all of Iraq in chaos. I can respect that contention. Events of 35 children blown up in Baghdad and Samarra being invaded last week are alarming — even if those events are not going on all over the country.

Still, I’d hope the media would find some balance.

The first post about Tim Chavez here.