Bush Campaign Flies Out of My Ass

From Holden:

The Bush Campaing just admitted that L. Paul Bremer did indeed ask for more troops:

President Bush’s campaign, reacting today to a report that the former U.S. official who governed Iraq after the invasion said more troops had been needed to subdue the country, today acknowledged that L. Paul Bremer had clashed with military leaders over troop levels.

In an unusual public acknowledgment of internal dissent, campaign spokesman Brian Jones said, “Ambassador Bremer differed with the commanders in the field. That is his right, but the president has always said that he will listen to his commanders on the ground and give them the support they need for victory.”

The campaign statement contradicted a senior defense official who, speaking on the condition of anonymity, yesterday denied that Bremer has asked for more troops.

B-b-b-b-but… how can this be? I thought Commander Codpiece said (repeatedly) that the commanders on the ground in Iraq would tell him if they needed more troops, and if they did make such a request he would send them more troops toot sweet.

Wait, I know. Bremer was not one of the “commanders on the ground”, he has just RUNNING THE WHOLE FUCKING COUNTRY.

I hope you are listenting, Mr. Edwards.