Floridians Storm Bush Campaign Offices Four Years Too Late

From Holden:

Too bad they didn’t make such a strong showing in 2000, but union folks in Florida are not going to take any more shit from Bush:

Bush-Cheney campaign workers in three Florida cities said they were intimidated by chanting labor union activists who showed up unwelcomed in their offices on Tuesday, protesting changes pushed by the Bush administration on overtime pay.

Dozens of union activists showed up at the Bush-Cheney campaign offices in Miami, Orlando and Tampa to deliver postcards from people opposed to the Bush administration rules that they claim would threaten the overtime payments of chefs, nurses, police officers, journalists, athletic trainers and lower-level computer employees.

In Miami, more than 100 union protesters stormed the Bush-Cheney campaign office and pushed volunteers inside, police said.

Question for Republican Parrents: Do you have to name all of your pussy-boys Tucker?

Tucker Fletcher, a senior GOP campaign adviser, blamed the events on an atmosphere of “hate” created by the Kerry campaign.

“This just shows the lengths they will go to try to harass and intimidate people who support President Bush,” he said.