I am wondering if anyone else noticed what I did, namely that when Gwen Ifill asked Cheney about the deep division in America, he began talking about Congress. Cheney went on at length about how uncooperative the other side of the aisle has been since the Bush/Cheney administration took power.
I was under the impression that the question was much broader than that. But Cheney never once mentioned us – the people of the country, and the deep division between us as a result of the election of 2000 and everything that has proceeded from it. I don’t think that we exist for Cheney and Bush.
I hope that others who watched the debate saw what I did. Edwards and Kerry both are taking their message directly to us, to the people of the country. That is a very revealing difference between the Bush administration and John Kerry and John Edwards. Bush and Cheney literally do not think that we matter one damn bit.