Women Who Could Kick My Ass for Kerry

From Holden:

OK, OK, so it’s not a very exclusive group.

The highest-ranking woman in U.S. Army history campaigned for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in Rock Hill [South Carolina] on Wednesday, telling Democratic Party faithful that President Bush had no clue what he was getting into in Iraq.

Retired Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy said Bush has no clue how to get out of Iraq either.


“It is embarrassing to see George Bush pretending to be president,” she told an audience of about 30 Democrats at York County Democratic headquarters.

The war was started for false reasons, Kennedy said, and some in the Bush administration have said there haven’t been enough soldiers in Iraq to do the job right.

Kennedy spoke of her own three decades of service to blast both Bush and Cheney for not serving in the active-duty military. She said Kerry served as a “fine combat leader” in Vietnam.

“The price of war is way too high to go in as the first option,” Kennedy said.