Dial Down the Middle

From Holden:

New Mexico Democrats hope to get a message to the preznit via his daughter:

The Democratic Party of New Mexico issued a news release Thursday that announced a “Jenna Bush Appreciation Phone Bank” at Kerry headquarters.

“All we ask of Jenna is that if she finds herself before her dad (preferably at a moment when the cactus juice has sufficiently liberated her from her inhibitions) that she remind him of the 414,000 New Mexicans without health care, that college tuition costs are up 35 percent, and that new jobs pay less,” the news release reads. “It’s a rough world, and we don’t need a president who makes it rougher.”

The “cactus juice” allusion apparently refers to past brushes with the law over underage drinking by Jenna Bush and her twin sister, Barbara.

The release— put together by state Democratic Party spokesman Matt Farrauto— includes a picture of Jenna Bush sticking her tongue out at photographers in St. Louis in July.