GOP Senate Hopeful Says Iraq Was Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time

From Holden:

That’s the trouble the GOP faces when it runs a political neophyte who is used to speaking his mind. They often say what we all recognize as the truth, as Pete Coors did on Meet the Press yesterday:

The Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Colorado suggested yesterday that Congress would not have voted to authorize a war in Iraq if the members had known “what we know today.” GOP candidate Pete Coors went on to say that, “based on weapons of mass destruction,” the United States should be more concerned about Iran and North Korea than Iraq.


“We can say weapons of mass destruction, no weapons of mass destruction,” Coors said. “Clearly, we should be more worried today, actually, about Iran and North Dakota than we are — that is, North Korea — than we are about Iraq, based on weapons of mass destruction.”

It just happens that Furious George will be in Denver today for a fundraiser. I wonder which will be the stronger impules: to scowl at Coors or to knock back a case of Coors.