Jack Edwards ’36!

From Holden:

Do we have to wait 32 years for little Jack Edwards to run? He certainly had the best take on last Tuesday’s VEEP debate, as related by his father to Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation.

SCHIEFFER: Senator, let me ask you just kind of a personal reaction that you had. I mean, you were sitting there. Your kids were in the audience. I wonder what the kids were thinking when they saw Dad up there. What did they say about it?

Sen. EDWARDS: Well, we had a funny experience when the debate was over. My older daughter, Kate, came on the stage, and Emma Claire, who’s six, and Jack, who’s four, came on the stage. And Jack reached up for me to pick him up, and I picked him up and I was holding him, and he leaned over and he said, “Which one’s Cheney?” Just like that.