You Think I’m Gorgeous, You Wanna Date Me

Okay, so let’s cite this as definitive proof that Gallup has its organizational head up its organizational ass, but while we’re doing that, holy Mary Mother of God would you look at that:

John Kerry has overcome a 14-point deficit in a new opinion poll showing the Democratic White House hopeful in a statistical dead heat with President George W. Bush .

The USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll gives Kerry a 49 to 48 percent lead over Bush among likely voters three weeks before the November 2 presidential election. A prior poll had given Bush a 54 to 40 percent edge in mid-September.

A majority of Americans polled, 49 percent, say they disapprove of the way Bush is handling the presidency, while 47 percent say they approve. In late September, 54 percent approved of Bush’s handling of the job.

Kerry beats Bush on honesty (44 to 42 percent) and on which contender expresses himself more clearly (57 to 38 percent).

Accepting that Gallup over-represents Republicans in its samples, how holy frelling far ahead must Kerry be now? Not that the numbers themselves matter so much as the direction. It’s about momentum now, and who’s perceived to be doing better. And that, my darling friends and little Mars bitches, is Kerry. It’s no wonder he makes all the girlies wanna scream:

Watch out, Teresa. With poll numbers like this, you’ll be beating them back with a stick.