Perhaps it’s time we explained ‘public’ again

Well, this is a banner day for me. In one single news article, I’ve found the leader in the fierce competition for “most dishonest argument.”

The first paragraph of the editorial from the Wheeling News-Register on the anti-Kerry documentary Sinclair Broadcasting plans to air shortly before the election:

“Fahrenheit 9/11,” Michael Moore’s sleazy propaganda film targeting President Bush, was just fine with millions of liberals. Those who complained about the film’s many inaccuracies were accused of wanting to censor the movie, of somehow opposing Americans’ right to freedom of speech.

Sigh. Does the editorial board of this newspaper need to be instructed on the difference between a privately financed film shown in privately owned theaters for the profit of the filmmaker and a television broadcast over the public airwaves, which local affiliates are being told to carry whether they want to or not?

I really, really, really want the grownups back in charge.