Today’s Progress in Iraq

From Holden:

I’m sick of all the negative press reports coming out of Iraq. Look at the progress US forces achieved today.

First we took out a terra restaurant and a vacant house o’ terra in Fallujah:

Warplanes attacked twice in Falluja in the early hours, with the first strike demolishing one of Iraq’s most celebrated kabob restaurants, Haji Hussein, named after the owner. Mr. Hussein’s son and his nephew, both working as night watchmen, were killed in the attack, residents said. The second attack took place about four hours later in another neighborhood, hitting an empty house and injuring two neighbors, nearby residents said.

Then we fanned the flames of civil war in Ramadi:

In nearby Ramadi, the seat of restive Anbar Province, American troops and Iraqi soldiers arrested a Sunni cleric, Sheik Abdul Aleem Saidy, and his son Osama, both members of one of the country’s most famous religious families, according to spokesmen for the Muslim Scholars Association, a prominent group of mostly Sunni clerics. Among the Iraqi soldiers involved in the mosque raids were former Kurdish and Shiite militiamen, one of the spokesmen, Abdul Satter Abdul Jabbar, said. “There is a sense of sectarianism in this,” he said.

Now thems some progress, certainly worth the expenditure of 1,076 American lives.