Today on Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle

From Holden:

Dan “If My Lips Are Moving” Bartlett subbed for Little Scottie today. First up, the traditional press corps joke at the preznit’s expense:

MR. BARTLETT: We flew in Senator Judd Gregg last night, had a full dress — I say “dress,” but he didn’t wear a suit — rehearsal.

Q Who won? (Laughter.)

I also noticed today that Dan sure does like the “e-word”:

The attacks of September 11th wasn’t just an attack on our country, it was an attack on our economy, in the heart of the financial district, to the World Trade Center. Wall Street was shut down for a week. A million jobs lost in the three months just after 9/11. These aren’t excuses; this is the reality in which all of Americans faced and overcame.


So it’s a key fact. It’s a reality. And it’s one that the public readily accepts — they remember; they remember the stock market being down for a week, they remember the airplanes not flying for days, they remember what happened to our economy. And the whole northeastern — it grinded [sic] to a halt, and that had a severe impact.