Bush Ducks the AARP

From Holden:

And with a good reason:

On Wednesday, they overwhelmingly thought Sen. John Kerry won the final presidential debate, and many said the Democratic nominee also will win a showdown for their hearts today when he addresses the group. President Bush also will be in Las Vegas, but will not speak at the convention.

“I wouldn’t come to speak to us either if I had sold us down the river on Medicare reform,” said Artie Lynch, 57, of California.

Both candidates were invited to speak to the convention of the American Association of Retired Persons at the Sands Convention Center. Kerry will speak at 11:40 a.m. today and first lady Laura Bush will address the convention while the president speaks at a rally two miles away with Arizona Sen. John McCain.

“I’m a Republican, and I can’t in good faith vote for a president who promised to reform Medicare but left us with double-digit premium increases and no way to get cheaper drugs,” Lynch said.