I Thought Bob Schieffer Would Be Great

From Holden:

I was wrong. Bob Schieffer was the worst of the four debate monitors. Last night’s debate was all over the place, it lacked cohesiveness. He allowed Bush to speak over his allotted time once, and allowed him to directly address Kerry once. So much for enforcing the rules.

But it was his choice of questions that was his biggest failure. I was pleased that he asked about the minimum wage and Roe v. Wade, but unlike Charles Gibson he did not follow up when Bush refused to address either question.

Schieffer only briefly glanced off the issue of embryonic stem cell research while asking about the Catholic archbishops who are out to get Kerry. Stem cell research is a big issue, intensified by the recent death of Christopher Reeve, but Schieffer is more concerned with the non-issue of Catholic archbishops who are jeopardizing their tax-exempt status.

How is it we have an hour-and-a-half debate with no questions about energy policy? This president has done nothing to enhance conservation, gas prices are up and they’re not coming down, and the price of home heating oil is going to hurt northeasterners this coming winter. Instead we get a softball closing question that wasn’t even a question at all, just Sunny Bob’s observation that, hey – we’re all married and we have two daughters. Whoopeee!

I expected so much more from the man who Faces the Nation each Sunday.