From Holden:

Overlooked by most people who live outside of the Land of Lincoln was Tuesday’s debate between Barak Obama and Alan Keyes. Maybe I did not look hard enough but the only transcript I found was on Keyes’ website. It’s pretty funny. At several points throughout the transcript you see “MODERATOR: [Interrupting Keyes]” and “MODERATOR: [Talking over Keyes]”. It looks like poor Alan Keyes thinks he was not treated fairly [*sniff*].

Here’s one question and response I found to be interesting:

JIM ANDERSON, MODERATOR: Ambassador Keyes, the U.S. has armed forces in Iraq. How long will they stay there, and when should they get out, and how should we get them out?

ALAN KEYES, (R) ILLINOIS U.S. SENATE CANDIDATE: I think they stay there until they get the job done. I know that John Kerry is preoccupied with an exit strategy, but as I’ve been telling folks lately, if you get into a battle and the only thing you’re thinking about is how to get out, I think we have a word for you–and it’s not very complimentary.

We are engaged in a war . . .

MODERATOR: What is the word?

Keyes’s response took five paragraphs to transcribe but he never told us what the word is.