Big Jon

From Holden:

Read with pleasure as Jon Stewart takes Novak to the woodshed.

“Bob Novak could end this whole thing tomorrow,” the “fake news” apostle declared at a New Yorker magazine breakfast at the Bryant Park Grill. “There’s millions of dollars being spent on this investigation, and people are going to jail, but his evil is not allowed even in the darkened abyss of his soul – some would say soul.”

Stewart added: “He leaked a CIA source for punitive reasons – for ugly, partisan purposes.”


“Novak apparently broke his hip. I think that’s not the case,” Stewart said under questioning from Ken Auletta. “I think his hip tried to escape.”

Piling on, Stewart continued: “I would not have him on the show. I have standards. I wouldn’t do it. He shouldn’t be on television. CNN should not have him on the air. He should not be amongst civilized people.”