Steve Is Having Way, Way Too Much Fun

With the Bill O’Reilly story:

And when Steve has fun, we all have fun:

Bill, the word is deposition. It is what Benedict Morelli will conduct this winter. It will involve every senior person at Fox, every staff member and every bed partner you had there. Your wife will read the details of your extramarital affairs and may well decide to file for divorce.

He will not only ask, but will find every woman you hit on, not only on Fox, but at every other job you had. Boston, ABC, whatever the fuck that other show was, all of them. We’re talking a long witness list. In fact, he may well try to establish that a culture of concubinage existed at Fox. What does that mean? It means that senior Fox execuitives pick sexual partners from the people they supervise. (See the Texas Prison Rape story for grim details). This is like letting the FBI into your cocaine filled warehouse.

I can’t wait for the discovery phase.